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Crystal Ball

I have had two readings with Dana and she has been able to read the most important issues in my life, with such keen vision. She was able to give me a crucial message for a sister with cancer and connected me with my deceased father, sister and sister that was still born. Dana has given me hope and great sense of peace. I cannot say enough about her gentle manner/sensitivity to difficult issues. I recommend her with 100% confidence.

Lauren Demerling

Rock Maze

I've had one reading done with Dana, and my mom has had 2. She is a wonderful lady. I have never had a reading and wasn't sure what to expect, she hit so many points on the head, that it was incredible. Middle of June 2016, was when we had our reading, and she had mentioned I would be having a baby, a baby girl.. I thought no way, my tubes were tied and cauterized no more babies for us, less than a one percent chance. No way.. well in October 2016, we found out we were 9 weeks pregnant, the first week of Jan, it was confirmed it was a girl. Amazing! Don't miss out, make sure you meet with her, it will change your life.

Nicole C.

I have been getting readings from Dana for 8 years.  I keep going back because I know how accurate they are.  In 2004, I started a business in the hardest industry to break into.  The only thing that kept me going was Dana's prediction of success and she was right.  Not only can she see key events in my life but she was also able to connect to my loved ones on the other side. I lost my father tragically in 2006, and Dana was able to connect to him and provided closure I needed to move pass the pain.  It is almost like picking up the phone and calling heaven.  Dana is down to earth sentive and compassionate and will put any nervous apprehension at ease the moment you meet her. She is a gift to this world.  

Jessica R, Ontario

Beauty Products on Wooden Bowl

I had a reading with Dana for the first time this evening.. I was told by friends how good she was so I thought I would get a reading done.. I can't tell you enough how spot on she was with my reading.. she even talks about the other side from loved ones who have passed and will tell you what they are saying.. She told me about a situation with my ex without knowing a thing.. Dana truly is an amazing psychic and has a gift..I will be coming back to her again..

Lisa D

Colorful Crystal
Image by Bekir Dönmez

Personal reading and have participated in group readings with Dana. Dana provided me with messages from my deceased father and grandparents during a difficult time in my family-I did not know what to expect from my reading but I left feeling a sense of calm and comfort (and a thought of grabbing a few extra moments with love ones in the room) Thank you Dana for your kind words and sharing your gift. 

Sara H Ontario

Image by Taneli Lahtinen

Dana's gift has been transformative to my life.  It is amazing how things unfold and connects so closely to her thoughts.  There is a comfort and sensitivity in her insights that bring genuine peace while her reassurance truly inspires you to trust in what is ahead.  Highly recommend her readings!

Jessica C.

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