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What Gathering Works For You?

Serving Woodstock, London, Kitchener, Brantford and Surrounding Areas

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Gallery Session

With Psychic Medium Dana Jensen

Wow, a gallery session Psychic Party sounds absolutely fascinating! It's incredible how you bring people together to connect with the spirit world and deliver messages from the universe and loved ones who have passed on. A 4-5 hour party filled with such spiritual insights and connections must be truly awe-inspiring. And the opportunity for private conversations adds an extra touch of exclusivity and personal connection. I'm sure those who attend will have an unforgettable experience!

  • 10 People Minimum 

  • Gather Together One Space

  • Flat Rate $600

  • Extra People $60 pp

Private One on One

With Psychic Dana

A private party with psychic readings? Connecting with the spirit world and receiving personal messages must be an incredibly special experience. And the fact that you can invite your loved ones to join in makes it even more delightful. Recording the sessions is such a fantastic idea too, as it allows you to relive those incredible moments later on. Enjoy this gathering full of mystique, connection, and memorable encounters with the spirit realm. What an extraordinary event to share with your friends and family!

  • 6-7 People Maximum

  • $80-$100 pp (Depending on Location)

  • Private Space Needed

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Zoom Party

World Wide With Psychic Dana

So why not add some enchantment and intrigue to your next gathering? Host a Zoom psychic party and offer your friends an extraordinary experience they won't soon forget. Get ready for an evening filled with surprises, insights, and plenty of engaging conversations as you explore the realm of the unknown together.

  • 6-7 People Maximum

  • $80 pp

  • Internet Connection

  • Private Space

Enjoy A Mini Reading On Zoom For Free At A Later Date

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