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My Story

As my Mother tells it, I was always chatting away with invisible friends, right from the time I started talking. It wasn’t the “imaginary friend” type of conversations you would expect a young girl to have. My conversations were different. My conversations were real, very real and completely interactive. They were more real than anything I would wish for any child to experience. I was given this gift and from a very young age there were many signs that I was a different sort of child. I am a psychic medium, both by birth and by inspiration. Meditation has opened my eyes to the true power and significance of what I’ve been blessed with.


At that time, being so young, I didn’t understand the significance. These “invisible people” were, in my mind, as plain as day and perfectly normal from my point of view. Despite being so young at the time, the memories of these people and things remain vivid and clear to this day! The words and thoughts were far too real.


I would list off directions as we drove to places I’d never been, instructing my mother along the way when and where to turn. I would see things that others couldn’t see. There were always so many unexplained coincidences like things I knew, that I couldn’t have known. I knew at a young age that my intuition would tell amazing stories that just happened to come true!


As I progressed through my teens to adulthood, my visions became stronger. Throughout those years I read the psychic energy of my family and friends. This was my primary view to the other side and I saw what was coming into their lives.


Over the years I have invested the time to learn, explore and understand all that I can about what this special gift of mine all means. I have been on a lifelong journey of spiritual discovery that’s left me immersed in this quantum world of enlightenment and metaphysics.


This journey has been the most powerful experience of my life. The other side is amongst us, around us, even inside us! It is flowing freely in an unending sea of invisible force. This force surrounds and binds all things that we know to be the past, the present and the future. It is much more than just energy. It is time and it is life. It is knowledge and it is wisdom. It is all things that all spirits have ever been.


One common consciousness flowing, fusing and forming a vast cosmic collective, like a grand metaphysical orchestra. It truly is all things, to all people, all at one time. The spirits of all those who once walked the earth are alive and exist in this mystical place. They exist both within it and as a part of the energy flow from which it’s all made. Our bodies exist in this physical world to contain and sustain us through life in this plane of existence.


However, the core of our souls and the source of our life is a part of the grand metaphysical orchestra. When it comes time to pass and our bodies are spent, our container remains, but our energy lives on. It transforms and transfers to a much different place, on a much different plane. The other side.


Through studying and experience I expanded my childhood gift. I have developed a tremendous awe from the things that I have seen. It is this awe that continues to inspire me, carry me forward and keep me engaged.

I am employed by a mystical place in a metaphysical world. I get to share what I see on the other side with anyone that asks. This job is as good as it gets.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. YouTube Interviews and sometimes on TV. Love talking all things spiritual!

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