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Trusting Your Intuition

Psychic’s are able to see, feel and touch energy in its simplest form. When you become aware of this psychic energy and how it flows, it allows you to read people or things that exist in your daily life. A perfect example is when a mother knows if her kids are lying or hiding something from her, we call this a ‘mother’s intuition’.

We believe we know our kids so well that we can sense a shift of energy around them because something changed in their vibration. It is not just knowing our kids, it’s being in tune with their vibration. I personally have the ability to read my children even when they live 100km away from me! I am well aware that they don't like it very much either. Not only can a psychic pick up on family energy but it extends out to include so much more! We can tune into events happening all over the country and even the world.

This ability is with you all the time and when it is fine tuned it could just be called gut feelings, instant knowing or something I call energy transference. A good example of this is when you are at an event, or in a room, and someone arrives that you have never met. A feeling of uncertainty comes over you but you can’t put your finger on it, something is ‘just off’ as people often say.

In this situation this is your psychic energy responding to your environment. When opening up your communication to channel psychic energy and opening with the unseen or higher vibrational souls that are around you, you are doing the same thing, reading the energy.

You may connect to people who have passed on or your masters, guides and angels. When we connect to a higher plane, we are still reading the energy in the same way. It is about discernment and perception. Never the less whether you read the energy of our material, physical world or the higher planes, it is ultimately just energy. When you understand and embrace this energy, learn as much as you can. Once you get a handle on how energy works, having it work for you will completely bless your life!

What if psychic abilities could actually be matter of fact? What if every person could easily tap into the cosmic codes and data that, if we had eyes to see, the universe would simply show us! What if everyone’s point of awareness could allow us to imagine, perceive and judge each experience to form our story?

Some would be psychic experiences and some would just be your days reality! What if you could combine the two but more importantly if you could tell the difference between a psychic projection or just random thoughts or your vivid imagination?

If your intention is to learn about your own psychic/metaphysical abilities, then this is a good place to start. It is my belief that ALL people have spiritual gifts, senses and abilities that are sometimes lying dormant and unrealized! When will it be your time to light it all up?

Over my years as a psychic, I have met some very interesting people with varied and interesting theories and belief systems in place. These are primarily learned and governed by life's teachers, parents, mentors and our worlds way of programming its people.

We are all subjected to these influences daily so if you think you are a free thinker, think again, you will be surprised. Most of us are just trying to survive and thrive where and when we can, convincing ourselves we are doing our best with what we have.

This is the way it is for most people until one day we realize it's all an illusion. We profoundly feel that a piece is missing from an illusion. We profoundly feel that a piece is missing from our spiritual puzzle. Are you curious enough to find that missing piece?

Are you open minded enough to accept other possibilities without having all the facts or data? Are you patient enough to allow psychic/spiritual awareness unfold in your life gradually and gracefully? A free thinkers mind is open to the unseen, the etheric realms, and the place your imagination goes when dreaming whether it's day or night. A free thinker is relentless in the quest for spiritual enlightenment while understanding it's a life long journey!

Standing in your own beliefs while other people disagree with you is the test of trusting your spiritual higher self. By doing so it allows you the freedom of creation. You don't have to follow everything you learn but trusting your gut feelings/intuition about something is vital to your spiritual evolution while living as a physical being.

It is important that we do have different beliefs and fundamental knowledge. This is what keeps us curious and motivated to seek out alternate answers.

6 Great Tips

  1. Start a daily meditation practice, even if it's only for mins!

  2. Get yourself a ESP deck!

  3. Get familiar with your Inner Soul thought process (yes or no)! Always listen to your gut feeling first and foremost! Watch video to find out more!

  4. Practice with a friend and make a game of it!

  5. Journal your predictions. Date, time and description of the vision. Keep it for a later to confirm and understand how symbols are shown to you!

  6. Don't worry about being wrong, it will teach you how to be right!

Thank you

Dana Jensen

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