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The Lucky Spirit

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This blog title is misleading, mainly because I don't believe in luck. I do find that high spiritual vibration can make you feel like you are on a lucky streak. We have all had those days when everything you touch goes right. Right as gold, I always say. Is there a way to manifest this at will?

When the stars align, and you feel like everything is on point, take note of your feelings, senses, thoughts, your general perception of how you feel when things are on the upswing! Are your shoulders loose, is your body fluid and pain-free. Are you smiling for no reason?

Today's world is full of challenges, problems, and many reasons to be miserable. I don't know about you, but smiling for no reason seems like a better way to be. I've recognised patterns in good and bad days. There is a secret. You can set the momentum of your day by the intention of your spirit when you wake up in the morning.

Every time you sleep, you reset your spirit, even if you are laying down for a nap, a reset can happen. Train yourself to think of the most positive thing you can the minute you come out of sleep, even before you open your eyes. Setting the tone for the day, so get good at this fast! It is a practice so be patient.

Intuition The Easy Way

Listening to that inner voice can be a confusing process in the beginning. When I need my intuition to tell me the next step, I brake it down into smaller, more precise questions. Yes or No questions work best for me. When the higher self is speaking to you, it feels like there is another voice in your head. Don't worry. It's supposed to be there!

Your higher self is that part of you connected to the universal data, the matrix for you science buffs. Your higher self can see the bigger picture of your life, hopes, and dreams. When I ask my spirit if I should do this or that, answers show in unexpected ways, guiding me to a new experience.

It's effortless, Sit down and close your eyes. See the color behind those closed eyes and take a few deep breaths. Once the mind is bright and open, in your thoughts, ask a simple yes or no question. You should hear the answer before the matter is complete in your thoughts.

The key to having good intuition is to follow the answers you hear from your higher self and that my friends, at times, will be a tough thing to do! Often we listen to things we don't want to hear, but over a time an inner trust in self will happen, and pure intuition comes to life.

Symbols are an exciting way of understanding your intuitive ways. For example, when I sit to give a psychic reading to a client. I will get quick pictures in my mind of items that pertain to there life. Things like if they are moving, I will see boxes packed, or if you are going to school, I will see books and binders. Over time you will see your specific symbols, file them in your memory banks, pull them out when needed!

High Energy Days

It may be hard, in the beginning, to know when you are actually feeling spiritual lucky. It's a sense until it becomes knowing. When your mind is cluttered and thinking about past baggage or daily chores, problems with family members, you can assume you are not in the vibration of being spiritually lucky.

You know those days when you wake up just knowing there is something brewing in the air. That pending metaphorical hammer is about to drop, and you are on high alert, but then nothing happens. Could this be a clue for creation instead? You don't want to miss out on this one! I believe spirit gives a heads up and it feels like change, which no one likes that's why it feels heavy.

When feeling heavy, it's time for meditation not for answers but for the emotional clearing so that we may deal with anything that comes our way!

Forever in Gratitude

Gratitude is the best way to create a lucky sense! Even when the world around you disagrees with your spiritual happiness, you can put that aside for the time being and trust the universe will take care of the problem. Have Faith and Trust that everything happens for a reason!

When you genuinely feel grateful for the experiences in your life, magical things start to happen. The universe guides you to the right spot or exciting people or the most amazing places. It's called spiritual alignment, and it's within everyone. Yes, even you!

I know this seems simplistic and maybe even a little naive, none the less it works, and it works well. When you know that things will always work out in the end, the universe aligns with that knowledge and makes it so! Take note when you work this magical tool, and you will soon be a master.

Quick Tips

1. Gratitude is the best tool to create whatever you want in your life!

2. Be aware of your intention and first thoughts in the morning. Your canvas is blank every time you sleep, what picture will you paint for the day!

3. Believe the universe is going to provide what you need because that is the universes speciality!

4. Everything you want for your life is in your community, having a clear intention about what you are looking for will help bring it to you!

5. When good things happen and you see the momentum of that and staying in that vibrational feeling will just become the way of being!

6. Follow the advice of your intuition even if you didn't like the answer. Your highest self will have your best interest at heart.

Once you start seeing the power of a lucky spirit, it will blow your mind how good you become in the creation process. Things will start coming to you as if the world is guiding you to exactly what you want. Be careful and very mindful about what you wish for because you are a creator, and within you are all the tools you need!

When you put these tips in motion your psychic abilities will be front and centre and the world will start looking very different and opportunities will be abundant because that's the way it was always supposed to be.

By Dana Jensen Psychic Medium

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