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The Dating Game and You

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Are you in the dating game? Are you frustrated by the whole idea of dating? Then read this and find new ways of meeting people, finding lasting relationships and of course Love!

At the end of this article, I have provided some amazing resources to help with the best love story ever written! It's time to tell a new story!

I am Psychic Medium in Ontario Canada, My days are filled with clients looking for love and partnership. I'm amazed at how many lonely people there are, in a world of 7.5 billion people. Dating sites galore and meetups all over the place, yet still, a challenge for many people to find love. Don't fear, You too can find love!

I have a service called the Burning Question. It's a 10-minute phone chat and the most frequent question I get is "I met a man/woman on a dating site and I was wondering where this relationship is going".

In due time you will know where it's going so be patient but also realistic without it becoming an addiction! It can't be forced. A psychic can tell you about the personality, likes, wants, dreams and maybe things to be aware of but she can't tell you where you take the relationship. That journey could last a lifetime and how can anyone tell you that, no matter how psychic they are.

I've heard some true horror stories about dating through clients and it's no wonder people are gun shy about dating again.

Knowing when to read the red flags and don't dismiss those little pokes you get if something is off. Don't ignore your gut, it's there to serve you. Be aware of your emotional compass.

Your intuition will tell you to either run for the hills or take to the next step. You just have to listen and trust your own power!

I've learned a lot when I was in the dating world and to honest, it wasn't my favorite time. Looking back, I should have tried to enjoy it more instead of trying so hard to get what I thought I wanted when in reality I had no freaking clue but a made-up story built-in fantasy and unrealistic expectation for what love really was and how it should look for me to believe it's love! Crazy I know!

Since then lots has changed and I'm happy to say I'm no longer in that insane world of dating!

Being a psychic reader I deal with all things relationships and I will talk in future blogs about different subjects and offer resources that I think can help for every situation. For this blog, I thought we would start at the beginning where the magic happens. Please comment below if you dare to share.

This Will Help! There are answers to finding the right partner and it's one click away!

I hope you have great success In finding a mate today!

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