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I’m often asked if I can pick up thoughts or feelings from people that I randomly encounter.    The answer is Yes, to a degree, but it’s not until I sit and focus on their energy that an exchange of psychic energy begins.    It’s then that their spirits move in and reveal themselves to me, bringing their full story into view.  Book now and reveal your full story today.


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Get back to your balanced self with this unique psychic service. Here, clients will be able to align their minds and souls, getting in touch with their own spirituality. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require out of my services. Get in touch with me today to see what I can do for you.

My Story

      Meditation has opened my eyes to the true power and significance of what I’ve been blessed with. I am a psychic medium, both by birth and inspiration. I was given the gift and from a very young age, there were signs I was a different sort of child. As my Mother tells it, I was chatting away with invisible friends from the time I could talk. Not the imaginary sort you’d expect a young girl might have. These conversations were different. Interactive and more real then I would wish for any child. 


 At the time, of course, I didn’t understand the significance. To me, these, “invisible people”, were as plain as day and seemed perfectly normal from my point of view. Despite having been so young, the memories of these people and things remain vivid and clear to this day!


The words and thoughts were far too real. I would list off directions as we drove to places I’d never been. Telling my mother when and where to turn along the way. I would see things that others couldn’t see. There were always so many unexplainable coincidences. Things I knew, that I couldn’t have known.  I knew at a young age that my imagination would tell amazing stories that just happened to come true!


As I progressed through my teens and became an adult my visions were strong. The psychic energy around my family and friends was my primary view to the other side through these years and I routinely saw what was coming in their lives. 


 I’ve invested the time, both to learn and explore, and to know all I can about what it all means. A lifelong journey of spiritual discovery that’s left me immersed in this quantum world of enlightenment and metaphysics. A journey that’s been the most powerful experience of my life.

The other side is amongst us. Around us. Inside us. Flowing freely about in an unending sea of invisible force. Surrounding and binding all things that we know to the past, the present and the future. Much more than just energy. It’s time. It’s life. It’s knowledge and wisdom. It’s all things that all spirits have ever been, flowing and fusing and forming one common consciousness. A vast cosmic collective, that’s streaming away like some grand metaphysical orchestra. It’s all things, to all people, all at one time.

The spirits of all who have once walked the earth are alive and exist in this mystical place. They exist both within and as part of it all, in the energy flow from which it’s all made. Our bodies exist in this physical world, to contain and sustain us through life on this plain, but the core of our souls and the source of our life is the same as the rest. When comes time to pass and our bodies are spent, the container remains, but the energy lives. It transforms and transfers to a much different place, on a much different plain. The other side.

Experience, study, receive a gift.  Developed an awe from the things that I’ve seen. It’s this awe that inspires me, carries me forward and keeps me engaged.

The job that I have is as good as it gets. I’m employed by a mystical place in a metaphysical world and I get to share what I see with whomever should ask.      

Curtis L

Kathleen M

I had my very first reading with Dana yesterday, I am no stranger to psychics and have learned over the years that there are good ones and then there are great ones. Dana Jensen is the best I have ever been too. Dana is very warm and welcoming, from the moment she answered her door I felt comfortable and relaxed. The reading was by far the best I’ve had and Dana was right on point and she answered all of my questions, most often before I even asked.  I was so pleased to have the chance to hear from my father as we had a special bond while he was alive that has carried over from the other side. I look forward to more readings with Dana for inspiration and guidance in the future. What an amazing gift Dana has, I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity with her.  

I have had several readings from different Psychics and I am blown away by Dana. I’ve been going to Dana for several years, started with group readings. One group reading Dana saw me working in Toronto, up high in a building…. I’m thinking to myself “ lady you are so wrong “. Well almost a year later I ended up working in Toronto helping a friend renovate apartments, when I thought back on what she said I was dumbfounded . After that happened I went back to her and every time she read me she ended up being bang on, she described my girlfriend ( even said our paths had crossed, she was a dental assistant at the dentist I went to 30 years ago), she said my daughter was pregnant or soon to be and she will be having a girl ( she is and it’s a girl) and just now ( on the phone) she saw a man inspecting my home ( we just purchased a home and tomorrow is the inspection). Dana also saw me marring my girlfriend so I hope that comes true too J, she didn’t tell me where the money was coming from for the ring.


Thank you so much Dana, you definitely have a believer and a big fan !!!!!



Cindy S

Thank you so much for the most incredible experience.  I'm very much a believer but yesterday was my first reading ever & I found myself wanting more.  I will definitely be coming back to see you and don't be surprised if you start seeing people that I know.  My daughter was the most wonderful and amazing woman I've ever met and now the most amazing spirit.  Once you told me the shes continuing her artistic talents in the spirit world. I knew right then,m she's very happy and content as this was her most favorite thing to do while on her earthly journey. 


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