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Predictions vs Projections Which Should I Use for Decision-Making?

What are the Differences between Projections and Predictions?

We all have psychic abilities, but most of us are not using them correctly. It is important to understand the difference between Projection and Predictions. In this short blog I hope to shed some light on the subject and share with you some insights on how to work with this energy.

A projection is a thought negative or positive, a dream, or desire of something we want to create in our lives. Thoughts have molecules and atoms that if you have a keen eye can spot as it leaves the person and flies out to the universe. If you can see auras you can see thoughts! If we understand this as a natural law, we know that it all acts as a boomerang and that every projection comes right back to us! It's just the way of things. It's a natural law: if you fall off a building, you will hit the ground. If you project a thought, it will come back to you because it's attached to you and the energy you carry.

Some thoughts are more powerful than others. Energy is always changing and the amount of energy it exerts can vary depending on what is happening in that moment. When you declare that you would like something to happening, you create a momentum, and data is release out in the world only to return when it’s time. I call this a "declaration Projection". A "declaration projection/ thought" is a promise to oneself. This is the key to getting what you want. Like the house you bought or the job you got and so on. You declared it and made it happen time and time again.

How Our Projection Are Working By Default

I met a woman long ago and in our meeting she spoke of a woman that she knew and despised but couldn't stop talking about her. I noticed something very strange happening while we were having a conversation. As she told her story full of anger and hostility, I could see these spiral black energy bursts flying out of the top of her head. There were many of them!

I didn't speak because I was fascinated by what I was seeing, and clearly she needed to vent. I met her a several times after that and noticed that her story continued and she was just so angry with the woman she spoke about. Again black spirals flying out of her head during the whole conversation. This happened every time I saw her, I wanted to help her and study her all at the same time. This went on for a few months. So I listened and watched and tried to help but it always fell on deaf ears.

Her biggest frustration was that she kept running into this woman around town and she couldn't stand it, but couldn't understand why, when she wanted just the opposite.

Based on speaking to her, it became clear as to why she was running into this other woman and I knew what she needed to do to make this stop happening. She wasn’t keen to talk about the solution. She said she wasn't a believer in energy or psychic stuff like that. She couldn't see that she was the one bringing this woman into her path, by default and the energy she was putting out there by complaining about her. Talk about taking up rent in her head. She would literally ignore what I was saying about the energy and how it works, wave her hand at me as if to dismiss what I was trying to tell her and said to me; don't be silly, what you are saying is just BS.

I kept showing examples but she was having nothing to do with it! I could see the turmoil it was causing her but in the end I think she just wanted to be right on why she couldn't stand this person as opposed to fixing the situation and getting this woman out of her path for good. Honestly she is likely still running into to this woman all over town today.

If you haven't guessed by now, the only reason she was running into that woman, was because she was putting that “projection” out to the universe and it was coming back to her, As she commanded in her rant, that's how powerful projection is. If we are aware of it, anything is possible, good and bad.

What is a prediction, what does it mean to predict something?

I don't want to get lost in the weeds when I try to explain prediction, mainly because everyone has a different way of receiving predictions. All I can do is explain some points to how they come to me and how I process what I see, hear or feel.

So to use your psychic abilities, you’d need to close your eyes and visualize the image of what you’re looking for, in this case a house for example. You are started from a blank sheet. Allow the picture to fill in the details of the house you are seeking. First, you see the face of the house. What color is it? Is there a garage or a big front yard? Look for any land markings that stand out! The whole picture will come into frame yet knowing this is a future house to look for.

Can you see how we use a projection to access the vision of the future house. We are asking for what is coming and using projection for our wishes and wants, but our visions and predictions show us the full picture. You are controlling the target of your visions when you do this. Another word we could use is "remote viewing". Seeking a target, person, place or thing, that is not yet manifested. This process is a bit of a preview of what's to come. It's easier then we think because the data is already out there and we are just accessing the information.

Other predictions that come out of the blue and you weren't thinking about the subject at the time, but you get some kind of download and we need to pay attention too. It's like everything stops for a moment when this happens. It's becomes a feeling of just knowing.

This could be coming from our past loved ones or guides or even someone in the physical world connecting to your energy. It's like that experience we have all had when we think about someone and then they call us. It's a cosmic phone call. You receive the thought first and then the phone rings. It's still magical to me!

You may also notice predictions in your dreams. Some people are able to do this naturally, whereas others can develop the skill by practicing before finally seeing predictions come true. This is called lucid dreaming and anyone can learn how. If you have an important decision pending, try dreaming about it and see if you can get any sleeping predictions to help you make the right move.

Predictions will primarily come to you and bring the awareness to your senses, it’s subtle and most of the time just a whisper. It’s a brief moment when everything stops and your attention is on the vision of the future. It’s a different feeling then just a passing thought. it will feel like an activation of your cells, it may even make you dizzy. Go with it, expand it and ask for more detail. It will come to you.

It's sometimes hard to know the difference, so I suggest writing it in a journal to await confirmation of your future visions. You will soon understand how the universe and the cosmic data speaks to you.

You are the common denominator in whatever comes your way, whether you're projecting or predicting. I hope to convey is to be mindful of what you are presenting in the world. Also, remember that the universe will continue to point out things for you. As time goes on, our senses are becoming stronger every day.

We need all the spiritual tools we can get these days!


Dana Jensen

Tarot Cards Can help with the process.

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