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Palmistry The Story of Hands

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you have lines on your palms? How amazing is it, that you can tell a story about someone's life just by the lines on your hands, When I was first doing readings for a living, I found myself looking at all things metaphysical. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the different modalities in this supernatural world. I thought palmistry was fascinating and it didn't disappoint.

For the love of reading hands

It's believed that palmistry may have come from India. My preference is more towards the gypsies and travelling fortune tellers. It's known to help with health, abundance, love, and so much more. The benefits of understanding the lines on your hands will allow so many possibilities for your life.

I was given a book for my birthday, and it was The Art of Love in Palmistry, and I dug into it and wanted to learn all I could about the hand and the stories they tell. I studied several books and to this day still use them for reference when something new show's up on my hand.

It was time to try it on people! When people find out that I do psychic readings for a living more often than not, they will put their hands in my face as to say; go ahead and read my palm. It lead me to learn about palmistry because it kept happening. Now, this is something I never charged for because I'm still a student in my mind. It was more for fun and general interest.

How Lines and the Brain are connected!

The lines are connected to nerve endings in your brain and transfer down to your hand and imprints symbols, signs, and shapes. The lines will also change over the years, and if you study your hand, you will see this. You can even read your knuckles.

At first, it seems like a lot to remember, but if you keep practicing and looking at hands, it

will become intuitively instinctual. Studying the Head, Life, and Heart lines first will give you a good foundation. Also, I found the shape of the hands can tell a lot about a person's mannerisms and character.

One day I was looking at my hand, and I noticed it that I had a cross or lower case "t' just under my index finger that I hadn't notice before. I got my books out to see what the meaning was. It was telling me I was going to begin teaching. Now the only thing I knew was the psychic realm and the paranormal. Now a few months before that, I had a vision of me teaching psychic development, and then I see it on my hand as well. Shortly after that, I ran several courses to increase your psychic abilities, and the cross symbol was confirming that this was a part of my journey.

I have one warning for you! When I hold someone's hand, I get psychic impressions and powerful visions sometimes. So now I don't touch the hand I only look. You will need bright light, and a magnifying glass will help as well.

I hope I tickled your interest in palmistry. I know I've only skimmed the surface of how powerful this practice is. Enjoy the study of Palmistry!

All the links are books I have enjoyed and would like to share.

Palmistry The Universal Guide

The Art and Science of Hand Reading: Classical Methods for Self-Discovery through Palmistry

Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand

Focus Palmistry: Your Personal Guide

A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading

Dana Jensen Psychic Medium

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