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Forces That Shape Our Intuition

The Essence of Intuition: Understanding Its Role in Guiding Us

Spiritual Connection

Understanding and recognizing our spiritual gifts can be a transformative journey toward self-discovery and personal growth. As empaths, we have the innate ability to sense and absorb the energy of others, allowing us to read the room with heightened sensitivity.

For those who experience psychic visions that prove to come true or have prophecy dreams, these occurrences serve as powerful indicators of unique spiritual gifts waiting to be explored. We can uncover hidden talents that may guide us on our spiritual path by paying attention to these signs and delving deeper into their meanings.

It is essential to embrace these gifts and acknowledge the significance they hold in shaping our destinies. These visions and dreams are not mere coincidences but rather profound insights that can lead us towards greater enlightenment and fulfilment. Trusting in our intuition and heeding the messages received from these experiences can empower us to navigate life's challenges with clarity and purpose.

But how can you discern between the voice of the spirit and mere mind chatter, sometimes referred to as monkey brain, which jumps all over without landing on a formed thought and following through on what your intuition is suggesting? The spirit is subtle and sounds like a repeating whisper until the whisper evolves into a knowing.

It begins subtly, growing louder over time. We're constantly seeking guidance for the next step, advice on managing a situation, or methods to transform our unhappiness. The spirit does guide us by implanting visions, impressions, or downloads into our human consciousness. With this knowledge or awareness, it's up to us whether to act on it or not.

Trust that the spirit is providing a clear path towards our goals if we act on the impressions we receive multiple times a day. One technique I employ involves posing yes-or-no questions to the universe. As I ask "Will I...?", "Do I...?", "Can I...?", and so forth, the answer, either yes or no, often presents itself before the question is fully formed in my mind. The challenge lies in acting on this answer, as it often contradicts our desires. If that's the case, it's likely for our ultimate benefit, even if it initially brings disappointment.

Cosmic Guidance

When I contemplate the term "Cosmic Guidance", I perceive it as your world communicating with you in ways only you can interpret, as it's your unique cosmic journey. How does this energy communicate with you? Are we truly interconnected with all forms of energy. If so, how should we respect this connection and adhere to the advice given to live in a way that will inspire us daily?

Let me tell you a story about a beetle I know. Yes, I'm talking about a real black and blue beetle, about an inch long, that would sit on my wall outside by the door.

One day, I was sitting on my stoop, enjoying the sunshine, when I noticed my friend, the beetle, looking a little stressed. He was pacing back and forth, which was unusual, as he's typically still most of the time. He is of a very pretty colour for a beetle.

As I watched him, I saw him move closer to me, which honestly made me cringe a bit. After all, he is a bug. Once beside me, he lifted his body up and flapped his antennas and front legs at me as if trying to communicate something. At the moment he turns around and runs back to a bucket that sit’s outside my door and start’s pacing back and forth again.

All the while, I realized he was trying very hard to show me something, so I asked him, "What's up? How can I help you?"

With a fleeting thought, and momentarily questioning my sanity as I seemed to be telepathically communicating with a bug, I heard, "Help her!" His mate was in the bucket and couldn't get out. After helping her out and placing her beside him, I watched him give her a kiss. As I sat back down, my friend approached me again and waved at me with his antennas and legs. I was delighted by the whole experience. So, when I ask the universe to speak to me, it's up to me to open my senses and listen.

Telepathy is a God-given ability innately present within each of us. When you tap into this sense, life, in a way, becomes simpler to navigate. When you pick up the phone and say, "I was just thinking about you," that's telepathy.

Sometimes, it might be a bug speaking to you, but at other times, the cosmos will speak in louder, more profound, and impressive ways that will be hard to dismiss as mere happenstance.

The cosmos, in its infinite grandeur, speaks to us in ways that leave us utterly spellbound. It sends messages through dreams and visions so profound they halt our steps, making our very cells quiver with an energy that is almost tangible. This is the much-discussed shift when the aura vibrates or stirs - a phenomenon so palpable from our perspective that it leaves us awestruck by its sheer power and mystery.

Unseen Energies

The more we attune our senses to the universe's language, the more we notice a similar vibration in our energy. It's as if the radio dial has tuned into the station of spirit energy. This will manifest as an audio message, a sensation in the body, or a quick vision, as if you're being shown photos. When intuition is fined tuned before you know it full on movie scenes will start playing as if you are seeing this in the ethers. It's akin to the sensation you experience during a déjà vu. Again, the shift!

Believing that these impressions come from an unseen force, such as an angel, guide, or spiritual teacher, can challenge our practical, pragmatic ways.

For those who experience psychic visions or prophecy dreams that prove to come true, these manifestations can serve as powerful indicators of their spiritual gifts. Paying close attention to these experiences and reflecting on their meanings can provide valuable insights into our innate abilities.

Exploring practices such as meditation, journaling, or seeking guidance from spiritual mentors can also help us uncover and nurture our spiritual gifts. By embracing these gifts with an open heart and mind, we can deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Metaphysical Influences

When we are privileged to receive messages from the spirit, it's not uncommon for them to be accompanied by feelings of anxiety or unease. Please know that these messages often bring challenges with them because we, as humans, are on a journey of spiritual evolution. It's truly an honor and a gift to face these challenges brought about by our spiritual awakening. Confronting what makes us anxious can only pave the way for greater

outcomes in our journey. of self-discovery and growth.

Embracing these messages, even when they come wrapped in discomfort, is a courageous step towards understanding ourselves on a deeper level. By acknowledging and working through the unease that may accompany spiritual revelations, we open ourselves up to profound transformation and enlightenment. It is through these challenges that we find strength, resilience, and a deeper connection to the universe around us. Let us welcome these moments of discomfort as opportunities for soulful exploration and expansion.

Thank you for reading my blog, and please share it with your spiritual friends. I truly appreciate your support.

Written By

Dana Jensen

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