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Does Your Child Have Supernatural Abilities?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Are you a parent who has witnessed supernatural abilities in your child? Does your baby stare at nothing and then smile? Does your toddler have an imaginary friend? Do your older children speak of a past life with such detail that it's hard to pass off as just imagination or story telling? Are you amazed at how they seem to possess powers beyond the ordinary? Does your child have prophecy dreams, or know who's calling before the phone rings? Does your child have an uncanny sense of direction or know how to find things?

Have you ever been taken aback by the profound words your child has said, leaving you awed by their wisdom? I'm sure you can all relate to these questions when raising a gifted child. So, if you're looking for a book that helps with the journey, then this one is perfect for you. I've witnessed some fantastic things kids have done and am confident this book will be helpful and informative.

Our children's spiritual health is of the utmost importance and depends ultimately on the choices we make right now and in the present moment. We must nurture their souls with care, love, and guidance to ensure they grow into strong individuals with a solid foundation of faith. The decisions we make today can have far-reaching consequences that will shape our children's lives forever. By being mindful of how we act and speak, we can make sure that our children benefit from an environment that builds their spirit rather than erodes it.

Parenting children with special abilities can be daunting & intimidating. It is important to create a loving environment that encourages your child to explore their talents without any fear. It is key to recognize that these children are not alone in their struggles, and that there are various methods available to help them effectively deal with the challenges posed by their special gifts. With the right support, they can reach their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives, with their intuition intact.

Psychic kids often have imaginary friends, recall past lives, or have prophetic dreams that may tell the future. These experiences can be overwhelming and confusing for both the child and the parent. It is important to provide a safe space for the child to explore these experiences without fear of judgement. This may include talking openly about the experiences, finding support groups or professionals who specialize in helping psychic kids, and providing resources on how to manage these powers safely and responsibly.

Young children are naturally attuned to the world around them, as evidenced by their tender and intuitive understanding of the environment. Being untouched by the troubles of life, they still hold on to a connection with the divine. With this spiritual connection, individuals can sustain a strong bond with the all-encompassing power of the Divine. If we look closely, it is actually the children who are teaching us. They can help us connect with our spiritual sides and also show us how to live more in the moment.

All these qualities - innocence, purity, and their natural bond with divinity - make them exemplary teachers.

Being present in the moment is what they strive for. Their spiritual awakening and powers have a huge influence on how they live their lives, reminding us of our own spiritual essence. Our primary aim should be to nurture children’s spiritual development instead of forcing them to transcend certain boundaries. To make this effective, it's necessary to provide kids with ample space and opportunity for discovering their own spiritual potential.

This gives them a chance to build a relationship with something bigger than themselves, boosting their self-assurance and emotional health in the process. At this time, our main goal is to help children develop a more nuanced understanding of life and the world around them. We believe that introducing them to the spiritual realm can provide them with both solace and protection, as well as allowing them to explore more in-depth questions about life and their place in it.

Even as instructors, it is vital to maintain a mindset of continual growth and development. We should never forget that we are always in a place of learning, irrespective of who is teaching. We must constantly strive for growth and enable younger generations to share their knowledge and wisdom, no matter where it comes from.

Young children often have unique perspectives and surprising revelations that can be incredibly insightful.

Created by Dana Jensen Psychic Medium

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