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The Perfect Tarot Duo

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

From a young age, I was fascinated by the stories the tarot cards told. Growing up an only child, I was always looking for things to keep me entertained. On the bookshelf, I noticed an old rider tarot deck in a worn out tattered yellow box sitting in plan view. They looked well used. I had no real concept of what they were or where they came from, Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to them.

I would sit for hours fanning them like I was doing a magic pick-a-card trick and I got really good at it. The pictures where spellbinding and I knew they were telling me stories about life and history when I would look at them. I would get lost in the fantasy of them. Even at 9 years old, I knew these cards would be significant to my life as I got older.

We had a house fire in 1985, and I lost that deck along with everything else we owned but the clothes on our backs. It was an overwhelming experience, but life went on, and I didn't get another deck until I was in my twenties. They still carried the same fascination they did when I was young. My friends and I would sit around doing tarot readings and learning all about them. It never got old! Still, to this day, I use the cards to help me make decisions or get a sneak peek at what's to come.

When I need a little help with a decision or something, I'm curious about. I will sit quietly and hold the deck in my hands, then ask the inquiry in my mind. Keep the questions simple and to the point. Then I shuffle the deck and say {show me what I need to know} Most of the time, a card will jump out of the deck as if there is an invisible hand guiding it.

No one really knows were Tarot originated from, One of the first recorded histories seems to be in Italy, and the cards were initially used as a game and then advanced into a mystical tool for seers and scribes. You don't have to be a psychic or have powers to use a Tarot deck. If you are interested in the practice, that is all you need to begin. The knowledge of the cards will grow over time, and you will build a relationship with your deck that will feel like an old friend coming to help with great wisdom.

Is Tarot right for you? Some people actually think the cards are evil and the devil's tool. For me, that is so far from the truth, I wouldn't even know where to start with how Tarot can be an excellent tool for many positive things.

The Rider Tarot Deck is colorful, and each card is very detailed illustrations thought out. Each detail in the picture can explain important information about the query or questions you may have. Look very carefully at the whole picture to get precise knowledge.

The "Easy Tarot Guide" Is one of the books I read almost 20 years ago when

I started using the deck again.

It's a step by step guide and workbook to using the rider deck.

You will get a detailed description of each card and their meanings with different formats and spreads.

These two items are my picks for getting started!

Remember, have fun and don't take too seriously. The more you use the deck, the more you will develop a flow with your cards and how they talk to you. Have a tarot card journal and write down your own meanings when doing a personal reading for yourself. Look back on it to see how accurate you were. Don't forget to date the entry and question at the top of the page.

Using Tarot will help you to increase your psychic abilities. Showing symbols and emotions in each pull of the cards.

At some point, you will have all the knowledge you need to do a spread without the book because your own clairvoyant senses will take over and you will just know what the spread is trying to tell you, This takes a little time, but it's worth it in the long run.

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By Dana Jensen Psychic Medium

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