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Russian Fortune Telling

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Do you believe that a deck of cards can tell your future? Years ago, a young man gave me a deck of Tarot cards that he wasn't using anymore, and for a long time, they just sat in my card box in a sense collecting dust. Then one day I decided to give them a try! I was surprised by how accurate they were.

Over the next few years, I've used them often because they were that good! I would use them with close friends. Since then many of my friends have bought their deck and use them all the time. There have been many occasions I've shown up at my friends, and they were using the deck, and it gives me the tingles.


Based on the authentic gypsy teachings of nineteenth-century Russia, these stunning full-colour cards illustrated in the Russian "Palekh" style and accompanying book combine the beauty of Russian lacquer-box art and the fun of an age-old system of anticipating the future and illuminating the present.

By doing a card reading, we are reading our psychic barometer. Are there storms brewing for us, or is there smooth sailing ahead? Will our plans meet with success or failure? Is love, money, or travel favoured at this time? Like the pilot using the weather report to his best advantage so that we can use the cards.

The cards are beautiful, and the book has excellent descriptions and meanings of the cards with high accuracy. Many fun evenings spent using this deck with friends and having a heads up of future events is always a bonus.

Get your own Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards today!

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