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We Are Seekers

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

    Would you say you're open minded to the unseen world around you?  Can you believe that someone can envision the past, present or future events just by asking their own imagination to tell a story and have that story play out as truth? Knowing all information received has come from your minds eye, otherwise known as your third eye.  

Is it possible we all have this ability and can train ourselves to get more accurate and detailed information just because we want to?  Do you believe that we can communicate with a loved one that has passed from this world to another, an open channel or even a dialogue with people no longer in the physical body?  Is it possible to transfer energy from one person to another and get an imprint or story of that persons dreams, wishes, fears and challenges?

The answer is yes !

Start practicing your intuition by doing simple things to start. For example use crystals to feel the energy, try a guessing game with a partner, what hand is the crystal in. Look at the hand the looks more powerful with a higher vibration. Take a minute to see it and be patient it takes time but you will get it. Try guessing dice or make color cards 25 cards are good to start. When your driving down a two lane highway and you can't see the cars coming the other way, guess the color of the first car you see. Play the intuition game, fun for the whole family.

    Opening your energy frequency around you, feel the crazy wonder of your higher self how it is communicating with it on a quantum level.  Open your body, mind and soul to see the power of psychic intuition. We are seekers, we are creators, we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential. I think now is good time to explore these ideas and tap in like never before?  Join me next time for a blog on Remote Viewing.

Love and Spirit Dana

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