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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Intention Sleeping is the moment when you're lying in bed, your body is heavy, breathing is steady and you’re just about ready to drift off into dreamland.  At this moment we set the intention for creation, insight, clarity, direction and of course connection with whoever we want! Make it short and sweet and to the point - don't think just ask with few words.  Do this nightly for 365 days and see what happens. 

 Before bed, start thinking of the process - turn off lights, lock doors, brush your teeth, put your pj's on… the stuff we do before settling in for the night. I love my bed!  We set the intention to go to bed but we don't think about setting the intention for the creative process of life before we fall asleep.  If we didn’t get clarity when we wake in the morning then we missed a great opportunity to allow a space for our higher self to take over thus letting us know the way of things with insight and direction so that life is more balanced and less stressful.

When you sleep, allow the reset to happen naturally. The insight you get while you sleep will become the word because as you get the answers you seek while in dream world something happens to the whole system of life.  Life becomes more fluid, balanced like a river flowing with a steady current yet at the same time moving mountains! 

This is for everyone to use, give it a try but remember to clearly state what you are looking for with the assumption that when you wake in the morning you will have your answer. Then start trusting the word of your higher self.

Sleep Deep Lovely Souls

Dana Jensen

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