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Live Q & A

Looking for a space to explore all things energy and spirituality? Look no further! Join me every Tuesday evening for an electrifying live session on Zoom. It's your chance to connect, share, and ask those burning questions that have been on your mind. Whether you're seeking peace of mind, love, or simply curious about the spiritual realm, our open table conversation is the perfect platform. Don't miss out on this transformative experience - mark your calendars and let's dive deep into the world of spirituality together!

Tuesday Nights 8pm

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I am absolutely in awe of the generosity and support that you, as a member, can offer to this Live Q & A session. Your willingness to contribute and show appreciation for the efforts put into providing this valuable content is truly remarkable.

It's incredible to see that despite this Live Q & A being free for everyone, you have the option to support the host with a donation of your choice. This act of kindness goes a long way in ensuring the continuation of such informative sessions and encourages even more insightful discussions.

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